Following a Dream


Hey there! Thanks for stopping in to get to know me!

My name is Marissa Marquez and I am a California native and Louisiana transplant. My husband and I settled down near New Orleans after separating from the military to finally put down roots and start building a life we love. With New Orleans being the culturally saturated city it is, I immediately fell for the music, people and most importantly - food!

One of my favorite things is to bring people together over a beautiful feast full of color, texture and flavor to celebrate anything and everything. In this little big city that seems to have it all, this is my contribution to the people who have every reason to celebrate every day - and do.


My Promise

I promise to do all I can in my natural ability to curate the spread that brings your special event together and leaves your guests with full smiles and bellies!


I am extremely passionate about the service and event making industry! The goal will always be to expand and better the business within my means and that does include opening a catering and charcuterie location in the (hopefully) near future.